Can you monitor existing non-P&R security system?

In most cases we can. We can use your existing equipment, reprogram and set it up for monitoring with our AlertCentral facility if equipment is compatible.

Can I access my P&R security system via my smartphone?

Absolutely! Today’s advanced technology allows you to remotely operate your alarm system, unlock/lock doors, adjust room temperature and more. If you’re interested in these features, check our Smart Home Security options or please call our office at 1-800-562-2996.

How much does it cost to activate an existing alarm system I have in my home / business?

Usually no charge, unless there’s a damaged / falsing device or if your system requires a new battery or communicator activation.

How do I test my alarm?

Regular testing of your security system is the best way to maintain confidence and peace of mind. Call our office at 1-800-562-2996 and ask an operator to put your system on test. You will be asked to provide your security password. You may then send a signal and we can check to make sure it was received.

My system shows low battery, how do I replace it?

If you hear a beeping sound accompanied by “Bat” in the keypad window, your system needs a new battery. Press any digit to silence it, or enter your code normally used to turn off the system when you are coming home. You can avoid a service call and change the battery yourself if you can get to the metal box and open the cabinet. There is a red cable and a black cable that unplugs from the battery. The exact replacement you can pick up from our office that has the red and black terminals marked. Since it is only 12 volts, there is no danger of electric shock by touching the terminals or handling the wire. However, the red wire must connect to the red marked terminal or the panel could be damaged. The new battery should last from four to seven years.

How can I know if the system at my business was armed / disarmed?

We offer business owners great tools to help manage their business. Opening and Closing Reports with a convenience of notifying the owner via text message can be added to any system. These reports allow owners to ensure that the system has been timely disarmed or armed at all or if a zone was bypassed. For a modest charge you can add this security measure to your system. Call us at 1-800-562-2996.

I am moving, how do I transfer my P&R service my new home?

We thank you for being a loyal P&R client and for trusting us to keep you safe in your new home. You are just a step away from enjoying the peace of mind. Whether there's a P&R or another brand of security system found in your new home, we can activate and demo it to you. If you did not find a security system in your new home, we have security solutions to accommodate your needs and budget. Check our packages and call our office 1-800-562-2996.

How can I upgrade my current P&R security system?

P&R offers a variety of advanced security services and features of convenience. We recommend contacting one of our sales representatives for current offers and promotions 1-800-562-5996.

I no longer have a phone line. What are my options for the monitoring service?

There are other reliable means of alarm monitoring available. The most common alternative is a radio communicator added to your existing system and designed to transmit alarm signals in place of a standard phone line. Contact our office for more details on wireless alarm monitoring at 1-800-562-2996.

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