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At P&R Security, we create life safety solutions for your unique home or business. Our systems provide reliable protection with comfort and awareness features for enhanced life style. Whether your needs are to address the basics or to have a complete perimeter detection system with smart features - we can tailor a system to your needs and budget.

Simply Secure

Simply Secure gives you peace of mind by protecting essential areas

24/7 burglar alarm monitoring with periodic system testing

Professional system installation and demonstration

Essential security equipment

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Secure +

Secure + extends the protection by guarding your home against fire hazards

Includes all features from the Simply Secure package

24/7 fire alarm monitoring with periodic testing

Convenience of a wireless keychain remote system control

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Protect & Control

Stay connected and in control of your security from an app and receive alerts

Includes all features from the first two security packages

Remote system operation via phone app anytime, anywhere

Customizable alerts and system schedules

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Complete Security

Smart home gives you heightened awareness and the ultimate peace of mind

Includes all features from the first three security packages

Security cameras with live stream on mobile devices and alerts

Smart home technology with alerts on mobile devices

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Business Security Products

Who is There?

With our security camera system you can answer your door with a smartphone app

A doorbell security camera gives you the control, convenience and added safety you've never had before. You can now see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you're home or away.