Seeing is Believing. Keep a Close Eye on Your Business.

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Watch Over Your Business

Keep an eye on everything that happens at your business, whether it is daily comings and leavings or a suspicious event. You have the ability to stay in control of the business routine even when you are not on site--run your business more safely.

How P&R Video Surveillance Systems Can Help Your Business?

Deter Crime

Video Surveillance systems are an effective measure to deter, document, and prevent theft and vandalism. Violators behavior will not go unchecked. Footage can be used as evidence of committed crimes.

Monitor Office / Inventory

Video surveillance cameras can help control access points of your business and capture live footage of personnel in the storage area, for example. Strategic placement of cameras can reduce theft of company records and petty cash.

Improve Safety & Productivity

Monitor workers to ensure safety protocols are followed by all. In case of an accident, video footage can help identify what went wrong. To improve workplace efficiency review recorded videos to identify weak areas.

Video Surveillance products


5 MP Full Time Color Bullet Camera

- 5 MP HD, 2560 × 1944 resolution
- 24-Hour color image
- Day / Night Vision

5-MP Platinum Turret HD-TVI Camera

- 5MP High Definition
- Day / Night Mode
- High Resolution 2560x1944

Professional Level 16 Channel HD DVR

- Support Live View, Storage, Playback up to 16 HD-TVI/Analog Cameras + 2 IP Cameras
- Up to 4k HDMI Video Output

HD-TVI 5-MP Indoor Fisheye

- Built-in Microphone
- Features high resolution, low distortion, and low noise
- High performance sensor and advanced circuit board design technology

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Whether it is a P&R or another brand of business or home security system in your home, we can activate and monitor most any brand of alarm systems. We are dedicated to protecting you and what you care for wherever you live.  

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Connected and in Control of your Home and Business Security

  • Remotely arm/disarm your system
  • Check system status
  • Receive alerts about when your children get back home, or caregiver arrives.
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