2022 Home Security Trends

As Summer starts to approach in Tampa, Florida, and throughout the United States, many of us are starting to think about where to go on holiday. With school almost out and months of weather to enjoy locally or aboard, what is trending in the Home Security front for 2022 to help us feel our home is safe while we're away?

There are a lot of trends out there. All of them primarily centered around advancements in technology and seamless integrations.

Data backed security

One home security trend for 2022 is predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. That's right; Big Data has developed its way into home security. That means our audio and visual security systems help see if someone is there and who is there and start tracking other data points.

For example, surveillance equipment on your home can track the number of people walking by your home or track license plates as they go by your home. Anything that seems strange (such as an out-of-state license plate or too many of the same body types crossing your home) will be red-flagged as incidents for further investigation.

Integration and Internet of Things

Even though you should be enjoying a long day at the beach in some tropical paradise, sometimes you also need peace of mind to be able to relax. With most home security systems easily integrated into your smart home, you're actually able to view your home remotely from any phone or tablet.

You could get notifications if there's a package delivered to you if one of your sensors went off unexpectedly. You can be on a remote island far away and still be able to notify the authorities in case an emergency arises. You're also able to open your doors remotely for house sitters or neighbors that may need to get in.


Wondering if you locked the front doors or if you turned the stove off (in your smart home)? Not only is the trend leading towards being able to view your security remotely, but part of that is having your doors and windows automatically lock based on preconditional settings.

So whether you set your doors to be automatically locked during your holiday, or if you get a notification later on something isn't locked, you will be able to handle everything remotely without having to worry, panic, or call in a favor to a friend.

Systems built by you

Another great 2022 home security trend is that more and more systems are able to be built by you. Even though it may be a good idea to hire a security expert to handle everything, there's a large over-the-counter selection that you can easily integrate into your mobile phone or tablet.

This is a fast setup that you're able to do that can provide many of the solutions needed for home security without having to go through an expensive process through a third-party security installation firm. This also allows for more customization options, from biometric door openers to hidden cameras throughout the home as needed.