5 TOP Video Surveillance Security Tips for Businesses

The industry of business security systems is evolving every year. Video surveillance is still one of the most effective solutions for companies and private properties. The quality of image improves every day, as well as other functions of modern cameras. However, you can maximize their use with a set of effective recommendations.

From cyber-security to camera placement, you’ll find out everything necessary in this concise yet informative selection.

1: Invest in the Cyber Security of Your Video Surveillance System

As many business security systems use Internet Protocols (IPs) to provide maximum efficiency, hackers improve their skills and can access your footage. There are many ways to make sure this doesn’t happen:

  • Change passwords frequently so that even if someone hacks the system, they can’t maintain it long-term;
  • Avoid connecting the cameras to easily accessible networks. The public ones aren’t suitable for any system you don’t want to get hacked;
  • Never use obvious or default login data. Think of something a person wouldn’t guess when considering your business as the next target.

2: Respect the Privacy of Your Staff

The security of your system should be one of the top priorities, but so is other people’s privacy. Placing cameras in places where every individual expects to be alone is prohibited by the law. But also, proper placement will ensure nobody will want to harm the hardware or sue you or the company providing the service.

Avoid placing cameras in places like bathrooms, exam rooms, dressing rooms, etc. Protect the privacy of your staff at all times.

3: Store Videos Using Cloud Services

To maximize the efficiency of your business security systems, use cloud systems to store footage. Choose software that is safe and has a possibility of authentication in several ways.

Cloud storages provide more capabilities and are very easy to use. Besides, such an approach is:

  • Flexible.
    You can change a plan, edit, delete, or add files there anytime.
  • Cost-effective.
    Instead of storing footage on microSD cards or another kind of hardware, go for a cheaper and more effective option of online clouds.
  • Accessible.
    The range of options is wide, so any business can find a set of features suitable for its security.

4: Opt for Extra Features from Your Business Security System

While a standard system will provide a ton of benefits, there are additional features that will increase the level of security.

These include:

  • Night vision mode;
  • Auto-adjusting angles to provide the widest view areas;
  • Weather resistance;
  • Access from an app available from any part of the world.

5: Adjust Camera Placement to Maximize Efficiency

To make sure you’re ready to act in any situation, make sure your cameras are located in a logical way that will maximize their usefulness.

Here are some tips:

  • Install cameras above all important entrances and make sure the angles are adjusted properly;
  • All valuable objects have to be under surveillance at all times;
  • Provide lighting for the best quality of the footage.

These 5 easy recommendations will make a 100% effective video surveillance system 200% more secure! Contact us today for a Free Consultation.