Keeping Safe: Home Security Tips for You and Your Family

In 2018 alone, Florida had over 71,000 reported burglaries. A home invasion is something many people think will never happen to them—until it does. Even if you live in an area where you feel safe, all it takes is one small mistake to leave yourself and your property vulnerable to break-ins and robberies.

This is why following best practices for home security is so important, no matter where you are. Below, we've outlined some of our top home security tips for homeowners everywhere. Follow these steps to make sure your house is secure and give yourself much-needed peace of mind that you and your belongings are safe.

Reinforce Your Glass

If a burglar wants to gain access to your home but your main entryways are secure, one of the methods they commonly use is to break either a pane of glass in your door and unlock the door from the inside or break a ground floor window. You can make this more difficult and even nearly impossible for them by installing burglar-resistant glass.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

If you're not at home, your neighbors will be the first people to notice if something suspicious is going on at your house. For this reason, it's good to keep them in the loop about your schedule and anyone who may be coming and going from your home. This way, if they hear unusual noises coming from your home when nobody is supposed to be there, they can call the authorities.

Always Lock Your Doors

This may seem obvious to say, but you'd be surprised how many burglars simply try different doors in neighborhoods until they happen upon one that's unlocked. Make sure you lock your door when you're going to bed, if you're just leaving your home for a minute, and even when you're at home in the middle of the day.

Have a Quality Lock System in Place

Speaking of locks, deadbolts are the most effective kind. If you want to secure your home properly, installing 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on all exterior doors is the best way to go. Once you've done this, don't undermine your efforts by leaving a spare key in an obvious spot like under the mat, or in a planter.

Install a Home Security System

One of the biggest deterrents for burglars is the presence of a quality home security system. No one wants to be caught on camera trying to break into a home, or for a loud alarm to go off when they are doing so. When you are installing your system, try to make sure wiring is concealed, so any potential thieves won't have a place at which to cut the connection.

Call Us For More Home Security Tips

If you'd like to discuss more home security tips or ways that we can help you better secure your home, please give us a call today. At P&R Security, we're committed to keeping the people of Tampa and beyond safe from crime and secure when it matters most.