Spring home security and safety checklist

After leaving our home from the long winter and venturing outside, we feel the cabin fever go away, and we're ready for that sense of adventure. That can only mean one thing!

Time to go somewhere for the holidays or take that extended road trip. Yet be aware that this is the prime time where burglars and other lurkers will start to take advantage of the nicer weather and the fact that you may not behome for extended periods of time.

Don't worry; you can do a few things, so you don't have to worry that something might go wrong.

Do an inspection of your current security system

Did the cold weather cause deterioration to some of your security features? For example, maybe the window locks got warped and aren't as secure as before? Or there's the possibility that the doors became damaged during an especially fierce storm during the winter.

This is an excellent time to itemize and spot-check all the different entry and exit points and check to see that the existing security setup is still functioning. It's also an excellent time to see if the current setup is enough protection and if any additions need to be made.

Install cameras

Home security systems and cameras have become relatively cost-effective and digitally friendly, allowing easy access through mobile phones and laptops. This way, if you ever have that panic that something doesn't feel right, instead of having that dread the whole holiday or trip, just check in remotely and reassure yourself that everything is ok.

A lot of this can be done by yourself and simply going to the local hardware store or searching online. Alternately you can work with professionals to place these cameras in a way where they are out of sight and out of mind.

Be vigilante

Although we love to live by our phones, don't be so open with announcing to the world you're leaving your home unguarded. It might seem cool to instill the fear of missing out to your friends and family, but it's easy for those with intent to rob also to do a quick spot check to see where you are. After all, how many of our friends list do we remember or know.

This leads you to keep your home looking as if people are still there. For example, have the mail held back while you're on holiday, so it's not piling up in your home.

Occasionally, utilize some smart home features to turn on the lights remotely or have them automatically turn on during the late hours every day. Ordo it the traditional way and hire a friend or professional house sitter tokeep checking in and keeping your plants alive.

With a few simple tips and tricks, there's an easy way to have that peace of mind with that well-deserved escape from the day today, and you'll thank yourself later on.