The 5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Systems

Dustin Bryan

The integrity and proper work of your home fire protection are crucial for the safety of not only your property but your life. Even if it doesn’t show obvious signs of wear and tear, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to maintain and upgrade it.

Many people think that if it’s not broken, they don’t need to fix anything. However, at the most unfortunate time, the system may glitch or break, which may result in significant losses. You should never play with fire, so let’s focus on the 5 signs that indicate it’s time to use the new technological advances for your fire safety.

1. The Age Is Over 20 Years

Any kind of fire alarm will deteriorate over the years, even if it didn’t get a chance to show its full power. Everything from fire suppression equipment to the tiniest alarm is susceptible to change with wear.

Governmental institutions in many states require inspection and maintenance of alarms every year. If your system has been in service for over 20 years, it must be replaced. However, if after 10 years you see some problems that professionals deem dangerous for your safety, consider an upgrade.

2. You’ve Added New Parts to the House

If a new elevator or floor has been added to the building, the whole system must be revised and potentially updated. It’s better to call a professional and see how they can maximize the effort of the alarms and offer the best ways to make the damage minimal if something happens.

3. The Fire Code in Your City or State Have Changed

Follow governmental updates on fire safety in your city and/or state. If there are major changes, your fire protection system will need adjustment as well. The basics are always the same, but the official rules matter a lot.

4. Frequent Glitches in the System

Of course, if you notice issues with the system like the inability to connect via apps or false alarms without basis, it’s time to inspect it and get an upgrade. A professional from the same company should be able to determine whether your alarms are working properly.

5. Building Layout Change

With the change of the layout, you’ll have different weak points for fire to make the most damage. When changes are planned, include the update of your fire protection system there. The equipment itself might be just alright, but the placement is also crucial for a maximum safety guarantee.

Calling a professional alarm company is always a good idea when you’re making changes to your house and want to maintain the highest level of security.

Value your safety. Property can be restored, but not human life. So, when you see any of the changes and/or signs mentioned above, consider consulting a professional and upgrading your fire alarm system. It may save everything and everyone you love one day. Even if you’re the most careful person, you never know nature’s plans for the next summer, for example.

It’s always wise to be prepared.