The future of home security is here

Spring is almost upon us, and to accompany your Spring Cleaning, now's a good time to check on your existing home security setup or see what new options are available out there.

Traditional and expensive setups are a thing of the past, as technology has caught up enough that everyone can have some form of home security set up without feeling as if their bank account took a beating. There's flexibility aswell as more vendors out there that are able to provide as holistic a home security system as you want.

DIY in Home Security

This is a big one. You no longer need to schedule a professional home security technician to wire your whole house with a few black and white CCTV cameras and sensors. Instead, you can buy the kit yourself and directly tie everything to your smart phone or tablet.

If you have a smart home, it can be included in your existing smart home setup, where you're able to select what type of hardware you want in your home. Setup is as easy as plugging in many of these devices and syncing them into your home. This isn't to say that you shouldn't consult a home security company, as working with professionals will help ensure your home's safety even more.

More Video

Digital video cameras have become mainstream, and our phones can come with several of them now. This is true with home security systems, and you can add wireless, high-definition color video cameras anywhere you please.

There are options to put them out in the open or keep them hidden next to electrical outlets. It's already become standard for contactless communication via cameras that can activate with the doorbell for deliveries, and that will continue with more integrations with the authorities.

The continued rise of smart devices and integration

With all this added functionality, we'll see various levels of integrations. Whether it's biometric locks or voice-activated alarm security, it will continue to go from nice to have to mainstream home security features. You'll be able to command the protection even when you're away and seamlessly remote access your security system directly.

In the past, you'd receive a notification from your security company. Now you'll get a message and be able to instantly see through the eyes of all your cameras to see exactly what is going on while you're enjoying yourself on some remote beach.  

Professionals are needed now more than ever

There's an additional layer of complication that will be required for proper integration. Yes, for simple setups that provide minimal security, there are some phases that you can do yourself.

However, it's essential to work with reputable home security experts who will make sure to keep the systems online, even if your power or internet cuts out. This type of home security company adds the extra layer of protection that you cannot do in DIY . An after-installation team will help monitor your home and notify the proper authorities on your behalf if there's an emergency.