Tips for updating your home security system in Tampa

Tips for Upgrading Your Home Security

When it comes to your home security, there's no reason why upgrading and improving upon your current system will do you any harm. It may be that your present security system has begun to fail in recognizing threats because it approached the end of its lifespan, or it might be that you're just looking to add a few new features to your existing components.

Whatever reason for upgrading your security system, we’ve compiled some tips to make the job go smoothly for you. Here are the top things to think about when upgrading your home security:

Switch Out the Landline Monitoring

If your security monitoring package requires you to be connected to a phone line, this is the first thing you will want to swap out when upgrading your home security. You can now have your security system communicate with authorities through cellular monitoring, allowing you to cancel your phone service while still having access to monitoring services.

In an age where the landline is quickly becoming more redundant, swapping out any security features that rely on it should be your first course of action.

Think About House Upgrades

The first thing you should do when thinking about adding extra sensors, cameras, or alarms is consider what rooms in your house you plan to upgrade – perhaps you already have upgraded them!

For instance, you may have converted a spare bedroom into an office, which now has a ton of flashy tech that is ripe to fall into a thief's hands. So when you go to upgrade your security, you will now want to consider placing more sensors and cameras in this office so that you know your security is up to scratch.

This is one of the main benefits of upgrading your home security: You can adjust to new changes in the house.

Add Smart Home Features

If you’ve been out of the security system game for a while and are relying on an old piece of kit, a lot has changed! You can now add a variety of smart features to your security system, which can help you take care of your home remotely.

This may be a motion-sensor camera that connects through Wi-Fi that can alert your phone of any unusual activity, or it could be easy light control to ensure you're saving energy outside the house. There's even a smart thermostat that will alert you of any dangerous temperatures occurring in your home so that you can get to safety hazards before they become too much of an issue.


These are just a handful of aspects you can think about when upgrading your security system to make your home safer. By swapping out old technology like landlines for new smart home integrated security, you can ensure that your home is being protected to the fullest capacity. Be sure to plan your upgrades in line with any adjustments you plan to make to your home in the coming years too!