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Keep an Eye on Things When You are Away from Home with a security camera system

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Seeing is Believing with a security camera.

Want to check in on your home while you're away or watch the kids from a different room? Our HD security cameras allow you to watch what's going on in real time or view recorded footage—straight from your smart phone or tablet.

Video Surveillance Cameras

You are just a click away from knowing that everything is Okay while you are at work. View live video on up to six security cameras at the same time—a great way to keep an eye on your kids, elderly, pets, and property. Need video recording from a particular camera, at a specific time? Videos are recorded and uploaded to a hard drive throughout the day, so you have access to specific camera feeds.

Smart / Notification Cameras

Want to see what's happening at your home right now in real time? Choose one of our smart/notification security cameras that allow you to watch live videos from your smartphone or tablet and have a real time conversation. Receive notifications and video alerts of what happens, customize alerts by time, day or motion detection so you only view the events you want to.

Smart Doorbell Security Cameras

No more worries about your home while away. No more interruptions during family dinner; or missing important packages. Video doorbell and wireless security cameras allow you to monitor your front door or accept and communicate with visitors from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Who is There?

With our security camera system you can answer your door with a smartphone app

A doorbell security camera gives you the control, convenience and added safety you've never had before. You can now see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you're home or away.

Connected and in Control of your Home and Business Security

  • Remotely arm/disarm your system
  • Check system status
  • Receive alerts about when your children get back home, or caregiver arrives.
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Whether it is a P&R or another brand of business or home security system in your home, we can activate and monitor most any brand of alarm systems. We are dedicated to protecting you and what you care for wherever you live.  

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